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This position is in a Self-Contained Early Childhood Education Classroom

Primary Function (Job Goal) To advocate for all learners, focus on academic achievement, and build on student successes by committing to continuous instructional improvement and providing an environment that supports the social development of all students. Reports To (accountability) Principal


Qualifications / Local Requirements Professional Educators License License Endorsement in one of the following: Early Childhood Education (Birth-grade 3) Early Childhood Prekindergarten & Self Contained General Education (K-3) Learning Behavior Specialist I (LBSI) License Endorsement in English as a Second Language (ESL) License Endorsement or Approval in Early Childhood Special Education “Highly Qualified” (Elementary/Middle Grades test, preferred) The applicant must fulfill one of the following: Must currently be assigned to this position Student taught in grades PreK-3 within last 3 years Taught in any school in grades PreK-3 within last 3 years Held an administrative contract in the Troy system that expired within the last year & assigned at this grade level within the last year* Worked as an Instrucional Coach in the Troy system in grades PreK-4 within the last year Have been employed by Troy 30C at any time Physical Requirements Endurance within a classroom setting; teaching students while standing, sitting, or walking throughout the classroom, building or outside activities with the ability to maneuver in tight spaces between desks, etc. Working with the students in an instructional setting may entail kneeling or squatting, stooping, and bending from the waist on an occasional to frequent basis on a given day. Occasionally required to run. Use of aids such as whiteboards, posters, bulletin boards, overhead projector, television, VCR/DVD, computer, and technological equipment. Retreival, use, lifting and storage of teaching materials, including books, equipment, assignments, etc.


Term of Employment 180 days Completion of mandated training through Global Compliance Network within first 45 days of employment without financial compensation. Evaluation Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation, the Performance Evaluation Reform Act of 2010 (PERA), Senate Bill 7, and Articles 24A and 34 of the Illinois School Code.

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Go to our website troy30c.org look for Job Opportunities at Troy and fill out an application and upload supporting documents.

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