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1. Performs orientation and mobility evaluation s that focus on needs and strengths of the student for new referrals
and at intervals as designated by the individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
2. Prepares sequential and meaningful instruction geared to the students’ assessed needs, IEP goals and objectives,
functioning level and motivation level in accordance with SPEED policies and procedures.
3. Assesses through formal orientation and mobility skills and serve in a cooperative role with the teacher of
students of visually impairments.
4. Plans and implement a program to teach orientation and mobility skills to those students with visual impairments
for whom they are appropriate.
5. Presents appropriate and specific information of student progress towards goals, including evaluative and progress
data at IEP meetings and Eligibility Determination meetings.
6. Provides students with visual impairments and their parents’ information about alternative systems of independent
7. Develops plans and schedules that meet the goals of each student.
8. Provides appropriate strategies/activities for students with vision impairments involving other school personnel as
9. Designs and implement ongoing in-service education activities in the areas of orientation and mobility for the
educational team members within SPEED and school districts.
10. Teaches techniques and utilization of appropriate low vision devices as necessary.
11. Responsible for the students’ safety during O&M instruction and in other environments while fostering maximum
12. Demonstrates effective teaching techniques as defined by ISBE and professional group standards consistent with
the needs and capabilities of the students. Understands and demonstrates the principles of growth development
and student learning appropriate for this position. Understands the federal laws and guidelines, state laws and
regulations, as well a local rules and procedures. Demonstrates knowledge of disabilities and can explain them in
a way meaningful to parents and others who work with students.
13. Employs a variety of instructional techniques and instructional media, consistent with the needs, interests and
capabilities of the students. Meets and instructs assigned students in the locations and at the time designated
following a written schedule that allows for appropriate length of time for applicable curricular areas. Prepares
for student instruction, and shows written evidence of preparation through lesson planning. Assesses and
evaluates students with respect to the impact of the disabilities and is able to report needs and recommendations
for services, materials and equipment. Demonstrates effective behavior management
14. Completes and maintains appropriate records, files follow-up reports in a timely manner.
15. Is an instructional team member who collaborates with colleagues, administrators, teachers and parents working
toward appropriate services for students. Understands, demonstrates and utilizes appropriate channels of
communication. Is supportive, but professional with parents and students. Effectively counsels students and
parents with respect to their concerns about specific disabilities. Makes provision for being available to students
and parents for education-related concerns.
16. Seeks appropriate in-service and professional development. Works within the policies and regulations of the
SPEED Governing Board and member school districts; Illinois public acts and regulations as described by the
Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and serviced by the South Cook ISC4; and applicable Federal laws,
regulations and guidelines applicable to the education of students


  • Hold an Illinois Professional Educator License and Orientation and Mobility Certification (COMS).
  • Demonstrate excellence in verbal and written communications.
  • Experience with collaborative groups and processes in a student-centered environment.
  • Other qualifications of academic, professional, and personal excellence as the Governing Board may specify


$43,197 - $69,558/annually

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9/14/2021 1:18:59 PM