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  • Develops the medication protocol to safely store, administer, document, and monitor the
    effectiveness of medication given at school.
  • Medications re administered by designated individuals and signed release forms are
    appropriately maintained.
  • Maintains highly systematic record keeping and data management system for monitoring
    student’s medical and health progress, including service logging, while consistently
    reflecting upon the best practice and refining services to meet needs of individual
  • Provides a daily routine and consistently adjusts the daily routine/structure to meet the
    needs of individual students, anticipates unexpected situations.
  • Designs and plans the communications strategies required to maintain state/local
    regulations and the strategies to keep staff informed of unique health, medical and
    nutritional needs of the students.
  • Plans and facilitates required health in-services such as CPR, First Aid.
  •  Facilitates the process for uses of Medicare, Medicaid and other third party billing.
  •  Uses medical diagnostic information, to contribute to the planning of appropriate student
    therapeutic plans and approaches.
  • Uses available and appropriate human and material sources as a bridge to the
    instructional program, the home and other services.
  • Plans and manages effective monitoring, assessment, and reporting schedules.
  • Writes professional reports and records and turns written work in on time.
  • Interacts effectively with students, family members, educational team members, and
    professionals outside the organization.
  • Adheres to established professional educational and federal procedures, policies, rules
    and regulations.
  • Other Duties as Assigned


  • A Registered Nurse with the Illinois State Board of Education School Nurse Endorsement
  • Academic, Professional, and personal qualities as the SPEED Governing Board may
  • Demonstrates deep and thorough understanding of medical knowledge and nursing
  • Commitment to the transdisciplinary team process.
  • Ability to relate to and work with students with special needs who may present a variety
    of disabilities.


$43,197 - $69,558/annually

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