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The Digital Learning Support Assistant will assist and support district digital learning platforms and manage and deliver specified platforms at his/her assigned school. He/she is responsible for a wide variety of duties.

Reports to: Building Principal and Technology Integration Specialist

Supervises: Students engaging with digital learning platforms in various learning environments with the assistance and guidance                    of the classroom teacher.

Coordinates with: Classroom teachers, Building Principal, Educational Technology Department, District-level Administrators,                                    Other Digital Learning Support Assistants.

Duties and Responsibilites:

  • Monitor student use of specific digital learning platforms and communicate progress with the classroom teacher.
  • Assist in scheduling students into district-used digital learning platforms.
  • Outside of the MAP testing window, support individual classroom's use of digital learning platforms.
  • Maintain an environment conducive to student learning.
  • Establish a reinforcement/motivation system, as appropriate.
  • Keep an up-to-date sub-folder: schedule, daily procedures/expectations, and seating charts.
  • Determine a system downtime policy with the classroom teacher.
  • Provide support to families with digital learning issues.
  • Work closely with EdTech to support and maintain LEAD Moline.
  • Use the ticketing system to report issues with digital learning platforms.
  • Complete other assigned duties as determined throughout the year.

Edgenuity and Typing Program

  • Setup, create, and support classes in Edgenuity.
  • Update Edgenuity records, as needed.
  • Monitor student progress in Edgenuity and communicate progress with the classroom teacher.

MAP Testing

  • Assist in creating a MAP testing schedule with the building administrators.
  • Proctor MAP testing 3 times per school year for in-person and remote learners.
  • Prepare for testing by creating test sessions and assigning tests.
  • Accurately keep track of the tests students have taken to avoid duplicate tests being taken.
  • Use the MAP Testing Score Sheet to record individual student scores and time on each test.
  • Ensure all students (in-person and remote) have taken the MAP test. Arrange make-up sessions for absent students or students who must retake the test. Utilize Students Not Tested Report.
  • MAP test any new students to the building.
  • Follow the MAP Retake Testing Protocol.
  • Maintain an updated record of tests to be deleted using the appropriate spreadsheet for your school.
  • Manually add learning paths to those students that MAP test outside of the testing window.
  • Print various MAP reports for teachers and administration as requested.
  • Assist in updating Edgenuity and MAP data as directed by school/central office personnel.

Help Desk

  • Provide Help Desk (LEAD Moline) support for the building. This includes troubleshooting issues, distributing and collecting devices, and keeping accurate records in Skyward and Inventory sheets.
  • Assist in providing an orientation to current and new students for our LEAD Moline Program. 
  • Work closely with Ed Tech to maintain  device spreadsheets to track devices. Work closely with EdTech to assist students requiring device repairs.
  • Provide frontline tech support for families/guardians. Assist in various technology projects as directed by the Tech Integration Specialist and EdTech Department.
  • Work closely with building administrators to develop a schedule to allow morning and afternoon duties to meet building needs.



The Digital Learning Support Assistant shall possess the personal characteristics and general ability to work cooperatively with students, staff, and parents.  

High School Graduate.

Must hold a valid Illinois Paraprofessional License.


As assigned on the MESPA guidelines.

 22.50 hours /week

Additional Notes

Please submit an online application, along with your license and references.

How to Apply

Access an online application on Frontline Recruiting & Hiring site, formerly Applitrack, through the Moline-Coal Valley School District website, under DISTRICT > DEPARTMENTS> HUMAN RESOURCES > JOB OPPORTUNITIES . SUPPORT STAFF.

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