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  • Develop and plan implementation of college and career readiness curriculum in high school while collaborating and planning with middle school counselors and administrators to create a cohesive college and career readiness framework 
  • Collaborate with middle school counselors and administrators to ensure a smooth transition from 8th grade to high school 
  • Seek, coordinate, and deliver professional development opportunities for middle school and high school counselors 
  • District designee to work with college and community partners 
  • Counselor designee for non-building school placements (Ready, Circle, Pavilion, Cunningham, etc.) 
  • Develop and deliver school counseling curriculum 
  • Assist students in the areas of academic, career, and personal/social development Collaborate with faculty, staff, and parents to better understand and meet the needs of all students 
  • Provide individual and small group counseling as needed 
  • Make appropriate referrals of students and parents to outside agencies and specialists when necessary 
  • Make self a visible body in school by participating in a variety of activities that contribute to the school’s effectiveness 
  • Continually plan, evaluate, and revise the school counseling program Pursue continuous professional development and growth 
  • Promote an understanding and appreciation for diverse populations Develop, review, and revise a career and educational plan for each student Monitor and advise students and parents as to progress toward promotion and graduation 
  • Prepare students for transition to next level (middle to high school, high school to post high school) 



  • Reduced caseload of students at UHS due to District responsibilities Provide individual planning sessions for each student in the areas of academic planning and career awareness 
  • Assist in transition to high school and post secondary options
  • Interpret tests, student data and other assessments and appropriately discuss results with students and/or parents/guardians 
  • Assist students in times of emotional need and/or crisis 


  • Provide information and skills to parents, school staff, administration, and the community to assist them in helping students in academic, career, and social development 
  • Assist parents in addressing school related problems; refer parents to outside agencies and specialists when necessary 
  • Inform parents and students of test results and their implications for educational and career planning 
  • Utilize resources available within the school and community to develop appropriate programs 


  • Plan and coordinate programs such as career and college fairs, scholarship programs, and other extensions of the counseling curriculum 
  • Coordinate and assist with student testing program (PSAT, PLAN, PSAE, AP, etc) 
  • Coordinate parent education programs to assist students in making smooth transitions from middle to high school and planning post secondary options Participate in multi-disciplinary team meetings and makes appropriate referrals to outside agencies and other service providers within the school system 


  • Maintain knowledge of Urbana High School curriculum 
  • Maintain knowledge and understanding of school graduation requirements INDIVIDUAL PLANNING 
  • Systematically develop student planning for high school and post high school Address objectives for each grade level as needed 
  • Monitor student progress toward graduation and post secondary goals Assist students with college and career planning 


  • Articulate the school counseling program to students, parents, teachers, staff, and community 
  • Develop and maintain skills needed to utilize technology systems and participate in professional development opportunities 


  • Participate in school decision making and in activities which contribute to the effectiveness of the school 
  • Cooperate and collaborate with other professionals in enhancing the education of students. 
  • Communicate with administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and students as to the role of the school counselor in the overall educational process


  • Adhere to the ethical standards of state and national school counselor associations 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of local policies and state and federal laws pertaining to school counseling 
  • Demonstrate personal growth and professional development in the area of school counseling 


  • UHS School Counseling Department Chair 
  • UHS Support Services Department Chair/Co-Chair 
  • District College and Career Readiness Coordinator 
  • Coursework/professional development in 504 compliance and Special Education Law 
  • USD 116 Representative for College and Career Community Programs and Partnerships 
  • Member of the District Administrative Cabinet 



  • Hold a master’s degree in school counseling from an accredited college or university program 
  • Meet the Illinois certification requirements for school counselor Minimum of 5 years successful school counseling experience 
  • Previous successful leadership experience 
  • Working knowledge of the American School Counseling Association Framework for Effective School Counseling Programs 

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