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Vision of Learning:
• Develops a long range plan, with high expectations, based on instructional/thematic/therapeutic sequence
• Works collaboratively in assessment and educational program planning with members of a trans-disciplinary team
• Demonstrates knowledge and research in field/area of specialty
• Involves learner in setting goals, choosing tasks and evaluating progress
• Facilitates development of thinking, learning and communication strategies
• Views flexibility and demonstrates a willingness to grow
• Communicates in an effective, collaborative and positive manner with colleagues, students and families
• Works collaboratively with outside agencies and personnel, when appropriate, to assist with meeting student needs

Learning Context and Differentiated Instruction
• Demonstrates an understanding of multiple content areas
• Implements on-going assessment, therapeutic and instructional, in a classroom based, integrated approach across the curriculum
• Personalizes instruction to support individual needs, strengths and interests
• Employs a variety of techniques, methods and materials to meet individual student needs
• Designs instruction that is integrated, challenging, authentic and engages the learner
• Provides instruction that supports learners in all areas of development including social, educational, physical, emotional and communication
• Integrates student goals and objectives into all areas of instruction
• Organizes time, environment, materials and equipment to facilitate learning

• Conducts on-going authentic assessment
• Involves students in the assessment process
• Interprets assessment in an equitable and culturally fair manner
• Demonstrates knowledge of the screening/referral/evaluation process
• Selects and utilizes assessment methods that have meaning for the learner

Staff Roles
• Obtains and applies knowledge and strategies from the various disciplines which make up the trans-disciplinary team
• Demonstrates continual assessment of personal and program effectiveness
• Maintains and documents on-going communication with families
• Assumes responsibility for designing systems of support for students and families (e.g. parent meetings/workshops, home training, etc.)
• Assists with in-servicing district personnel on the needs of students in the program/classroom
• Participates in transition planning, when appropriate
• Executes management tasks required to conduct meetings, completes paperwork, manages student files, maintains classroom inventory and supervises paraprofessional staff
• Sets an example for students to follow
• Demonstrates knowledge of first aid and health related/emergency procedures
• Participates in professional growth activities
• Demonstrates professionalism
• Follows policies and procedures established by the Cooperative

• Follows policies and procedures of Southwest Cooperative
• Demonstrates flexibility and is adaptable to change
• Uses judgment appropriately

• Conducts self in appropriate and ethical manner
• Treats others with respect and dignity
• Demonstrates continual assessment of personal effectiveness and responds professionally to feedback
• Participates in professional growth activities
• Actively participates in the evaluation process
• Maintains a clean work area
• Dresses appropriately

Communication Skills
• Performs as an integral member of the educational team
• Maintains confidentiality in matters related to this position
• Relates in a helpful, positive and efficient manner with peers, supervisors, and all those in contact with SWCCCASE

• Able to lift, push, or pull at least 50 lbs.
• Assist with bus duties, regardless of weather conditions
• Accompany students into the pool during swim instruction
• Participate in physical management techniques
• Maneuver a wheelchair
• Accompany students in a van or school bus for community outings and field trips


Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education or specialized area; current Illinois License in area of service; LBS1 required, official transcripts, three professional references (including one from most recent immediate supervisor), declination of/request for hepatitis; Valid driver’s license and certification in CPR preferred.

How to Apply

Apply online on our employment page at:  www.swcccase.org  

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