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Technical Skills:
• Conducts hearing and vision screenings and provides follow-up referrals and consultation
• Completes necessary local and state paperwork related to hearing and vision screenings
• Facilitates dental screenings for all eligible students
• Collaborates with other team members in providing diagnostic screenings , as needed
• Administers first aid and needed care for student illnesses
• Documents staff and students injuries, utilizing appropriate forms and procedures
• Implements approved medication policies
• Administers to and monitors chronic physical health conditions
• Works collaboratively in cases of child abuse referrals
• Provides health teaching and counseling for students (Type 73 only)
• Assesses and maintains all students’ immunization records, physical records, emergency information and other pertinent health related data
• Effectively communicates with parents, colleagues and supervisor regarding pertinent health issues/medical conditions, documents those communications
• Prepares and issues notifications to school officials and parents of possible exposure to contagious diseases or conditions
• Acts as a resource for team members regarding health related issues
• Demonstrates professionalism
• Sets an example for students to follow
• Participates in professional growth activities
• Follows policies and procedures established by the Cooperative

Communication skills
• Performs as an integral member of the educational team
• Relates in a helpful, positive, and efficient manner with peers, supervisors and all those in contact with SWCCCASE
• Maintains highest level of confidentiality

• Follows policies and procedures of SWCCCASE
• Demonstrates flexibility and is adaptable to change
• Uses judgment appropriately
• Demonstrates continual assessment of personal effectiveness and responds professionally to feedback, actively participates in the evaluation process; participates in professional growth activities
• Maintains a clean work area
• Dresses appropriately
• Conducts self in appropriate and ethical manner
• Treats others with respect and dignity
• Participates in professional growth activities
• Actively participates in the evaluation process


Type 73 Illinois Certification for School Nurse or RN Licensure or LPN Licensure

How to Apply

Apply online on our employment page at:  www.swcccase.org  

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