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  • demonstrates knowledge of formal and informal assessment procedures
  • selects appropriate assessment instruments
  • conducts assessments appropriately
  • interprets assessment information accurately
  • demonstrates knowledge of the screening/referral evaluation process
  • conducts ongoing assessment of instructional/therapeutic goals and objectives

 Provision of Instruction/Therapy/Counseling

  • demonstrates an understanding of the content area
  • defines and/or revises specific and sequential goals and objectives appropriate for student, based on assessment
  • develops long range plan according to instructional/therapeutic sequence
  • demonstrates daily preparation to achieve IEP goals and objectives
  • selects, prepares and/or adapts materials to meet individual student’s needs
  • organizes time, space, materials, equipment for instruction/therapy
  • plans for substitute and has materials available at all times (when applicable)
  • employs a variety of techniques, methods and materials appropriate for student needs
  • demonstrates effective individual and group behavior management techniques

 Communication Techniques

  • communicates in an effective, constructive and positive manner with students and parents
  • interacts positively and effectively with school personnel, including supervisors, administrators, teachers, auxiliary staff, building secretaries, etc., as an effective team member
  • promotes positive public relations

 Management Tasks

  • facilitates, coordinates and/or schedules for teacher/therapist, classroom paraprofessional, student, district personnel
  • manages and coordinates require meetings/conferences
  • manages and coordinates required paperwork
  • trains, supervises and evaluates paraprofessionals (when applicable)
  • completes, monitors and/or forwards pupil data as required


  • Follows policies and procedures of SWCCCASE
  • Demonstrates professionalism while setting examples for students
  • Demonstrates continual assessment of personal and program effectiveness, responds effectively to feedback
  • Actively participates in the evaluation process
  • Demonstrates flexibility and is adaptable to change
  • Uses judgement appropriately
  • Conducts self in appropriate and ethical manner
  • Treats others with respect and dignity
  • Participates in professional growth activities
  • Maintains a clean work area
  • Dresses appropriately

 Communication Skills

  • Performs as an integral member of the educational team
  • Maintains confidentiality in matters related to this position
  • Relates in a helpful, positive, and efficient manner with peers, supervisors, and all those in contact with SWCCCASE


Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy or related area with a certificate in physical therapy
Current Illinois registration as a physical therapist
Verification of prior therapy experience

How to Apply

Apply online on our employment page at:  www.swcccase.org  

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