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Position:          Social Worker

Location:         East

Reports To:     Building Principal / Special Education Director

FLSA Class:    Exempt

Revised Date: January 1, 2018


Provide a problem-solving service to children and their families.  Serves as a member of diagnostic teams and members of educational planning and placement committees and provides biological, psychological, and sociological assessment information.


JOB GOALS:                                        

  1. Serve as counselor/consultant to students, parents, and teachers.
  2. Offer educational group work services to students.
  3. Offer casework services to children who have been referred and seem unable to adjust or conform to the school setting or management techniques.
  4. Participate as a member of the school personnel team and make written evaluations at multi-disciplinary staffing.
  5. Make referrals of children or families to appropriate agencies when severe problems hinder adjustment.
  6. Conduct and assist in-service workshops training with teachers in continuing professional development.
  7. Confer with school administrators on cases and situations relative to children's adjustments to school experiences and realities of life.
  8. Collaborate in community planning for crises intervention and participate with professional groups to reduce social problems.
  9. Write reports as necessary and exchange information with other agencies on behalf of students, when requested by parent.



  1. Master’s Degree in Social Work
  2. A Type 73 School Service Personnel Certificate
  3. Be registered as a Certified Social Worker
  4. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board of Education may find appropriate and acceptable.

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