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Job responsibilities include providing SPEECH SERVICES to all students indicating need. We anticipate 50% of the workload in this area. The other 50% will be dedicated to helping young students in grades PK-2 develop foundational language skills.


Appropriate Illinois licensure and certification must be held or attainable. Candidates must display a commitment to become and active contributor to our positive school culture. Candidates with extra-curricular passions are preferred.


We anticipate a minimum base salary of no less than $44,000, 100% district paid health insurance, additional benefits per collective bargaining agreement. The most significant benefit will be the opportunity to work very closely with a small group of young students. The successful candidate will develop a strong connection with students and families, and have a significant positive impact on the direction of young lives. 

Additional Notes

Additional extracurricular opportunities available. Candidates with extra-curricular passions are preferred.

How to Apply

Send letter of interest, resume, and credentials to Pam Courson at pam.courson@billtown.org. For more information, contact Pam at 309.639.2219.

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