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  1. Inform senior management of all conditions concerning payroll issues regarding compensation for all employees.
  2. Provide technical expertise and respond to questions, concerns, or complaints from employees related to interpretation of laws, rules, and regulations, and contracts governing district payrolls.
  3. Communicate and work with district departments and personnel to obtain and provide information, resolve discrepancies, and correct any possible payroll issues or errors.
  4. Prepare, process, and record specialized payroll and benefits transactions related to workers’ compensation, IMRF/TRS contributions, retroactive pay, and other related services.
  5. Prepare and balance all payroll batches to be run. Coordinate the preparation, distribution, and reporting process for all payrolls. Perform calculation of wages, overtime, and deductions to ensure compliance with federal and state laws.
  6. Plan, organize, coordinate, establish, and implement policies and procedures for the district’s payroll and control functions.
  7. Post payroll data and prepare mandatory reports including federal and state. Ensure the payroll deduction payments and reports are disbursed timely and accurately.
  8. Examine and verify employee information processed by Human Resource Office.
  9. Process all payroll changes and updates to employee pay roster related to individual employee requirements for accurate reporting.
  10. Assist in management of processing payrolls and withholding utilizing network application programs.
  11. Gather, process, and review documents requested in legal subpoenas regarding employee wages and health benefits, including retrieving payroll wages since date of hire, dates of absences, reason for each absence, garnishments and child support, and submit to the proper court and/or attorney.
  12. Compute, prepare, and process withholdings from all payrolls and provide report to the bookkeeper.
  13. Prepare and report federal tax and FICA withholdings to EFTPS.
  14. Maintain all records and organization of monthly payrolls and insurance bank reconciliations.
  15. Maintain accurate information concerning stop payments and manually written payroll checks for auditing purposes.
  16. Prepare and key all requests for annuity deductions to individual employee pay roster ensuring they meet federal procedures and guidelines.
  17. Respond to and assist employees with questions related to their specific payroll and benefits.
  18. Assist all active and retiree employees in their private payroll matters.
  19. Prepare and process payrolls for retirement incentive, unused health leave, and unused vacation payments.
  20. Prepare and process monthly and annual retirement, Department of Revenue, employment security and social security reports.
  21. Balance, prepare, and process annual W-2 and W-3 reports through federal e-services online.
  22. Maintain paperwork and verification records for previous employees to include paid wages, employment dates, retirement contributions, etc.
  23. Assist in the scheduling and presentation of informational materials, workshop, and conferences.
  24. Update and maintain annual earned time off for all employees.
  25. Maintain monthly, quarterly, and annual district absentee reports for accuracy and posting.
  26. Directly oversee the benefit programs for the district including health, dental, life, vision, long and short-term disability, workers’ compensation, vacation, health leave, business leave, tax sheltered annuity, and retirement programs.
  27. Oversee all aspects of employee compensation, preparation, planning, analysis and monitoring policies and procedures.
  28. Prepare compliance and statistic reports for governmental agencies related to the district maintained benefit and annuity plans.
  29. Assist in preparation and management of the district’s 403B, 457B, and Healthcare plans.
  30. Set up, file, and retain the district’s tax related records.
  31. Furnish information for RFP’s related to cost and types of coverage with other plans.
  32. Act as liaison between the district, broker, and insurance companies.
  33. Prepare required documents to implement benefit programs and maintain permanent employee records for district related benefit programs.
  34. Coordinate annual open enrollment procedures including ordering required material, set up and conduct meetings, and process according to policy ensuring eligible employee and dependent records are compliant.
  35. Process enrollment and change forms in a timely manner with each benefit provider.
  36. Provide assistance and information to all active and retiree employees in completion of required forms.
  37. Assist all active and retiree employees in their private insurance matters.
  38. Prepare, process, and maintain reconciliation of health insurance payments from retirees.
  39. Prepare and process insurance continuation letters for employees retiring or resigning from the district.
  40. Assist the Asst. Superintendent on all bids related to employee benefits.
  41. Evaluate current benefit programs to ensure they meet the needs of the district employees.
  42. Study, arrange, and implement new benefit programs and procedures with vendors for the district.
  43. Monitor all benefit programs for compliance with government regulations.
  44. Ensure all life insurance enrollment forms are complete and accurate, and then file with the insurance company.
  45. Serve as point of contact to employees with questions related to the Illinois Municipal Retirement System (IMRF) and Teachers Retirement System (TRS).
  46. Serve as Notary Public to the district and all employees.
  47. Maintain a commitment to ongoing professional development.
  48. Maintains appropriate confidentiality.
  49. Other duties as assigned.


1.    High School diploma or equivalent 
2.    One-year certificate from college, technical school or equivalent from accredited university with specialized coursework in accounting, bookkeeping or related field preferred. 
3.    Minimum of 5 years increasingly responsible experience in the preparation and maintenance of financial and/or statistical records, employee payroll, compensation and benefits. 
4.    Any equivalent combination of experience and training that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the essential functions of the position.
5.    Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may deem appropriate or acceptable. 


Regionally competitive.

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