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Crystal Lake School District 47 has an opening for an Elementary Assistant Principal. The building Assistant Principal is directly accountable to the building Principal or administrator designee.

Administration and Organization

  • Demonstrates support for the Vision, Mission, Beliefs and Goals of District #47.
  • Upholds and enforces established laws, regulations, district policies, and procedures.
  • Assures and maintains strictest confidentiality required by laws, regulations, policies and directives established or provided by the Board of Education and/or Superintendent.
  • Develops and implements school procedures that are consistent with established district policies and procedures.
  • Serves as a member of the District Leadership Team and participates in individual or committee assignments as requested.
  • Keeps the Principal informed of important accomplishments, needs and problems in all areas of the operation of the school under his/her supervision.
  • Participates in the cooperative exchange of ideas, relative to program administrative practices, with all district administrators, especially those at the same administrative level.
  • Serves as the acting principal when the principal is away from the building
  • Develops student and staff schedules, including locker assignments, to maximize space, staff allocations, and student learning
  • Works with staff at the Central Office to coordinate building use and rental schedule
  • Works with Warehouse/Operational staff on the delivery of curriculum, supplies, and capital equipment
  • Maintains and updates the school webpage
  • Organizes and delivers daily announcements
  • Oversees and monitors work orders to ensure the safety/security of the building and grounds

 Instructional Program

  • Collaborates with the building Principal regarding the on-going school improvement planning process.
  • Implements and evaluates, in collaboration with Central Office Administrators, the program offerings for the school.
  • Collaborates with the building Principal to develop and maintain a school mission, beliefs and goals consistent with the District vision, mission, beliefs and goals.
  • Administers the school in a manner, which provides time for the continual evaluation and assessment of teaching and learning, including the scheduling and organizing of assessment windows and testing protocols.
  • Co-supervises the implementation of the basic instructional program.
  • Provides for the development of all basic and extra-curricular schedules for the school.
  • Cooperates with Student Services Administrators in the operation and management of special education services and programs housed in the school.
  • Attends and facilitates student meetings as determined by the principal (504, IEP, RtI, etc.)
  • Coordinates transitions of students to and from the buildings (Pre-K to K, 5th to 6th, and 8th to 9th)


  • Fosters and maintains a work environment and culture that reflects, and is consistent with the vision, mission and goals of District #47.
  • Promotes and facilitates effective communication, collaboration, and cooperation between and among all personnel who are members of the school and district.
  • Establishes and supervises such meetings with school personnel which are deemed appropriate for the effective administration and functioning of the school.
  • Consistently cooperates with the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources in the implementation and compliance with laws, regulations, policies, negotiated agreements and established procedures related to Personnel Administrative Services and Labor Relations.
  • Consistently implements the hiring and selection procedures of District #47 at the building level.
  • Consistently recommends personnel selection and assignments consistent with certification and endorsement requirements, non-jeopardization, or formal waiver procedures, established by the State of Illinois.
  • Assumes general supervisory responsibilities for all staff assigned to the school, including coaching and remediation of staff as needed.
  • Assumes primary supervisory responsibilities for all playground/lunch/bus supervisors and paraprofessionals.
  • Collaborates with the building Principal to direct the implementation of the District #47 defined procedures for the supervision and evaluation of job performance for all staff assigned to the building.
  • Collaborates with the building Principal to direct and supervise the development, implementation and evaluation of building-level in-service and staff development opportunities.
  • Assures the privacy and confidentiality of employee records maintained at the school.
  • Develops and adheres to a systematic plan for the attainment of personal-professional growth objectives through such activities as independent study, attendance at selected meetings and workshops, completion of additional course work related to administrative goals, and continual self-appraisal and evaluation of performance as a Building Assistant Principal.

 Budget and Finance

  • Administers the supervision and extra-duty budgets of the school.
  • Maintains such inventories of school property as deemed appropriate by the business office.
  • Implements district procedures with regard to receiving, storing and distribution of supplies and equipment.
  • Secures the cooperation and involvement of personnel in preparing budgetary needs and recommendations.
  • Assists the building Principal in the translation of local building facility, equipment and/or program needs into budget estimates of both a long and short-range basis.

 Student Services

  • Provides for the development and implementation of rules and procedures relating to student management/discipline, which will contribute to the effectiveness of the educational program.
  • Continually works with staff in the development of programs and teaching techniques, which serves the varying needs of students.
  • Develops, with students, a relationship, which will permit the principal to utilize counseling techniques when appropriate.
  • Works with District Office staff and the Regional Office of Education (ROE) for attendance and truancy issues
  • Provides for adherence to the following principles of effective guidance in the handling of student problems and conflict situations:
  • Dealing with causes as well as symptoms of student problems.
  • Conducting systematic, constructive follow-ups to crisis encounters with students
  • Consulting with and making referrals to specialists in seeking to resolve persistent or severe student problems.
  • Acting to influence future student progress or behavior by securing teacher or student commitments to positive courses of action.
  • Fosters a school climate in which students can develop good citizenship through self-discipline, self-direction, and cooperative participation.
  • Provides for the scheduling and supervision of all activities and programs that are an outgrowth or an extension of the curriculum.
  • Provides for the effective and efficient utilization of special education services.
  • Provides for the action of district administrative policies and procedures, which have been designed to insure the safety of students in the event of fire or other related catastrophes.
  • Cooperates with the Assistant Superintendent for Business in the administration and management of the food service (middle school).
  • Develops and implements a program of lunchroom/playground/bus line supervision.
  • Cooperates with the Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations in the provision of transportation services.

 Community Service

  • Creates a climate and provides opportunities which strengthen the lines of communication between the home and the school through the utilization of new student/family orientations, parent-teacher conferences, open houses, school visitation and other similar techniques.
  • Constructively interprets to parents school policies, objectives and programs, through the use of newsletters, bulletins, informational meetings, school handbooks, or other related media.
  • Is receptive to inquiries from patrons regarding the school program and respects the legitimacy of concern shown by parents and community regarding policies and operation of the schools.
  • Provides for the coordination of local school activities with non-school activities involving the staff, facilities, equipment and pupils.
  • Represents the building Principal, Superintendent, and District as his/her designee at local, county, state and national meetings as requested.


  • Performs such other duties and assumes such other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Superintendent.



  • Master's Degree in a curriculum area or Educational Leadership
  • State of Illinois License with a general administrative endorsement or immediate eligibility for a state approved equivalent license or endorsement.
  • Five or more years demonstrated successful experience as a teacher and/or related service personnel.

Special Requirements of the Position

  • Strong leadership ability;
  • Ability to work effectively with groups and individuals;
  • Broad knowledge of curriculum and instruction;
  • Good speaking, writing, and presentation abilities;
  • Creative and imaginative approach to problem solving;
  • Ability to deal with information of a confidential nature; and
  • Ability to make sound decisions and withstand pressures.

Please Include:   3 Letters of Reference and/or Credential Packet

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