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    1. Teacher aide certification from the Illinois State Board of Education or interest in obtaining (we can help with this)      

  1. Demonstrated aptitude for the work to be performed.
  2. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find                                                                        appropriate and acceptable.

JOB CLASSIFICATION:   Support Personnel

REPORTS TO:                     Principal


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: As per contract with the Board of Education



  • Under the supervision of a licensed teacher, prepares for classroom activities.
  • Works with individual students or small groups of students to reinforce learning of material or skills initially introduced by the teacher.
  • Assists the teacher in devising special strategies for reinforcing material or skills based on a sympathetic understanding of the individual students, their needs, interests, and abilities.
  • Helps students master equipment or instructional materials assigned by teacher
  • Distributes and collects workbooks, papers, and other materials for instruction.
  • Guides independent study, enrichment work, and remedial work set up and assigned by the teacher.
  • Assists with such large group activities as drill work, reading aloud, storytelling.
  • Reads to students listens to students read and participates in other forms of oral communication with students.
  • Alerts the regular teacher to any problems or special information about any individual student.
  • Maintains the same high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students as is expected of fully licensed teachers.
  • Clerical duties as required by the teacher.
  • Escorts students to classes, lunch, P.E., library, etc.
  • Supervise students during breakfast period, lunch period, recess, bus arrivals and departures, which are specified in the districts risk management plan.
  • If required, make any changes to the bus schedule as necessary, supervises bus duty.
  • Assist students in making up missed assignments or tests.
  • Responsible for cleaning up after activities while teacher proceeds with other classroom instruction.
  • Assist sick or soiled students, so the teacher is able to continue class without disruption.
  • If employed as Special Education Aide, escorts students to mainstream class and remains with student – for an inclusion relationship.
  • Grade papers under supervision of a teacher. Help record grades.
  • Study hall and hallway monitor, as needed.
  • Perform copying and laminating duties, as needed.
  • Make sure that there are no students left on school grounds after school.
  • Other duties as assigned by administration.


Teacher aide certification from the Illinois State Board of Education or ability to obtain (we can help with this)       


As per contract 


Additional Notes

The position will remain posted until filled

How to Apply

Contact Tammee Petersen, Language Acquisition Specialist at petersent@beardstown.com, Lori Young, Gard Elementary Principal at youngl@beardstown.com, Josh Sorrells, MS/HS Principal at sorrellsj@beardstown.com.

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