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Brook Park School is currently offering a position for a new innovative STEAM Special that will replace/enhance our current technology special. This will be a new position that will join an established special rotation that currently exists consisting of Physical Education, Art, Music and Library.

Apply online at www.district95.org



Previous elementary teaching experience

Demonstrated knowledge of Project Based Learning, 21st Century Skills and technology skills

Ability to choreograph a variety of applied learning experiences

Understanding of SAMR levels of technology integration and the ability to integrate technology seamlessly into curriculum and assessment

Classroom experience with cooperative groups, differentiation, and student inquiry required

Demonstration of the ability to plan, facilitate, and assess a long term project

Experience with formative assessment, a functional knowledge of standards based grading, and ability to develop curriculum

Ability to manage multiple groups in various stages of content mastery

Experience implementing engineering and the design process in curricular units
Previous PBL writing and teaching experience
Additional professional development in STEM/STEAM areas


Per teachers contract

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