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Position: Director of Technology 


Department: MCUSD#1 Technology Department


Supervisor: Superintendent



The Director of Technology will provide leadership and coordinate with district administration for the direction, coordination, integration, and implementation of technology across all school district buildings and departments.  The Director will provide coordination and recommendations for the planning, purchasing, installing, and maintaining physical technology systems of the District in an operating condition enabling full educational use of technology in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and requirements.



  1. Work with school and district staff and administration to form strategic and long-range plans and implementation of systemwide technology solutions.
  2. Attend various events (i.e. meetings, conferences, training sessions, district information sessions, Board meetings, administrative events) for the purpose of communicating and/or gathering information and reporting of technology services.
  3. Manage and oversee the set-up and delivery of media during school meetings, conferences, in-service, workshops, to ensure effectiveness and adequate operation.
  4. Manages and authorizes permissions and individual access to technology applications or services for the purpose of ensuring proper access to technology systems, by staff, students, parents and others consistent with district operating guidelines and regulations.
  5. Communicates technology related activities in a timely manner to all stakeholders.
  6. Directs the installation of technology systems and tools (i.e. hardware, software, systems, wiring, specialized applications and tools) for the purpose of ensuring that systems are functioning properly and effectively in support of district administrative and educational operations.
  7. Manages procurement, inventory and surplus of technology equipment, systems and related services for the purpose of ensuring that technology purchases for goods and/or services are consistent with the district’s technology objectives, and that all equipment is properly inventoried or surplused consistent with local, district, state and federal regulations.
  8. Monitors technology budget and expenditures for the purpose of ensuring that allocations are accurate and expenses are within budget constraints and that fiscal practices and Board of Education policies are followed.
  9. Oversees functioning of technology operations of the district for the purpose of ensuring an effective, efficient, and safe environment, where technology equipment and applications are utilized appropriately and efficiently to support routine administrative and educational functions of the district.
  10. Prepares a wide variety of documents, reports, and materials (i.e. reports, policy, and procedure documents, emails, memos, correspondence, budget, specifications, plans, and drawings, analysis and test results, and cost estimates) for the purpose of providing necessary information to support district operations.
  11. Assist staff and administration in research of external funding opportunities and grants for the purpose of providing additional funding to enhance technology with in the district.
  12. Supervision of district technology staff (i.e. hiring recommendations, interviewing, training, evaluating, etc.) for the purpose of maximizing the efficiency of the work force and meeting operational requirements.
  13. Supports the implementation of operational and educational technology initiatives (i.e. new systems, educational programs, hardware) for the purpose of assisting with delivery and implementation of initiatives, providing support and assistance to others, providing oversight of projects and/or training and providing information to others to ensure successful implementation.
  14. Tests technology applications, tools and programs for the purpose of assessing proposed products, programs or tools to provide feedback for administrative decision processes, to ensure appropriate acquisition of educational and operational technology solutions and to assist others with these functions.
  15. All other duties as assigned to ensure a successful and efficient district technology program.    



  1. Technical capacity
  2. Thoroughness
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Time management
  5. Written and verbal communication proficiency.
  6. Typing/Keyboarding at least 50 WPM

Desired Systems Familiarity 

  1. Google Apps for Education & G-Mail 
  2. Microsoft Active Directory
  3. Teacher Ease SIS
  4. Devices: Windows PCs, Chromebooks, and iPads, Multifunction copiers


Commensurate with experience

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