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Position: Tier 2 Specialist

Department: MCUSD#1 Technology Department

Supervisor: MCUSD#1 IT Director


The technology specialist is an integral role at Momence CUSD #1. Their responsibilities must constantly evolve to support the technology systems which are incumbent upon a K-12 school district. This individual serves as the first-line support for these technology systems to end-users, which include staff, students, and visitors. They also assist the Technology Director with many department functions. Some of the included duties are listed below.


  1. Provide first level technical support for all systems maintained by the Technology Department. 
  2. Communicate with end users via telephone, in-person and online support tools to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve technology issues.
  3. Document system failures, repairs, and user requests in the Spiceworks ticket system
  4. Identify and procure the hardware and software needed to satisfy user requirements.
  5. Install hardware and peripheral components such as monitors, keyboards, mice, and document cameras where necessary.
  6. Load appropriate software packages such as operating systems, networking components and office applications.
  7. Assist in the customization and adaptation of systems to meet users’ needs, where possible.
  8. Inventory, prepare, and deploy new computers and network devices
  9. Perform software/firmware updates on servers, wireless access points, and other network connected devices.
  10. Provide updates, status and completion information to user via voice mail, e-mail or in-person communication.
  11. Perform component level repair on desktop computers, laptops, and Chromebooks.
  12. Escalate major hardware problems or system issues to technology director.
  13. Coordinate warranty repairs with vendors
  14. Connect users to networks and provide initial training in facilities and applications.
  15. Assist with the installation, alignment, and maintenance of LCD and DLP projectors
  16. Perform routine system administration tasks such as user account creation, password resets, and profile updates.
  17. Assist in research and procurement of computer software, electronics, and other technology related supplies.
  18. Install and terminate network cabling where necessary
  19. Assist with the monitoring and analysis of Internet connectivity, network performance, and security.
  20. Assist with the training and guidance of technology interns
  21. Perform routine cleaning of computers and projectors
  22. Perform other duties as assigned.



  1. Technical capacity
  2. Thoroughness
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Time management
  5. Written and verbal communication proficiency.

Systems supported:

- Computer network infrastructure (wired & wireless)
- Windows and Linux based servers
- Desktop, laptop, & tablet computers, Chromebooks, RaspberryPI computers
- Interactive Whiteboards, wireless digitizers, and document cameras
- Google e-mail, apps, and device management system
- Apple Mobile Device Management system
- Uniflow network based copying, printing, and scanning system
- Video Surveillance cameras
- Cellular and VOIP/PBX Telephones
- Televisions, DVD players, and other A/V systems
- Network controlled clocks and bells
- Card access and security systems
- Public address systems


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