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Full-time social worker to help building wide with PTHS Wellness program, IEP Compliance and Counseling individuals and groups within the school setting.  This person will work closely with the school psychologist and counseling department.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide classroom lessons and instruction in the area of mental health, healthy choices, wellness, and coping strategies.
  • Actively identifying and addressing systemic barriers to learning.
  • Evaluating student progress specific to behavioral, emotional, and mental health concerns and the effects on academic progress.
  • Continuing the traditional school social work role of serving as the liaison to families, the community and other stakeholders to ensure open communication and continuing dialogue.
  • Facilitating and coordinating the delivery of educational and mental health services with and by community agencies and service providers.
  • Collaborating with staff members to understand mental health and behavioral concerns of students identified as needing assistance and the potential impact of chosen interventions.
  • Completing formal and informal assessments including academic functioning, social/emotional and mental health functioning, adaptive functioning, and family and community interactions.
  • Provide family services, Individual and mall group counseling serves.
  • Community liaison to ensure adequate and appropriate resources for students and families in need.  (Including SSI, Medicaid, Guardianship, etc.)
  • Helping students to develop and maintain personal, social and academic competencies.
  • Consultation to and with educators and administration to ensure understanding and support of struggling learners.
  • Crisis response for students in critical need (e.g. suicide ideation, self-harm, family crisis, homelessness).
  • When appropriate, attend and participate in IEP, 504, and Problem solving meetings.


Type 73 preferred, but not required


Salary is based upon collective bargaining agreement.

How to Apply

Please send cover letter and resume to Eric Bohm at ebohm@pontiac90.org.  If you have questions please call Eric at 815-844-6113.

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