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  1. Maintains the Skyward employee management modules and related databases.
  2. Maintains performance management systems and provides employee status reports to principals/supervisors.
  3. Maintains database of all employee benefits (medical, dental, tuition reimbursement, flexible spending, retirement) and reconciles reports for expenditure management.
  4. Processes weekly payroll including, but not limited to calculating contracts, entering compensation and attendance data, balancing to financial controls, processing direct deposits, printing checks, preparing vendor reports and payments, and analyzes all payroll reports.
  5. Maintains databases for unemployment claims, worker’s compensation, Family and Medical Leave, Academic Leave, and

long-term disability benefits.

  1. Resolves employee concerns and employee related contractual issues with responsiveness that meets customer service standards.
  2. Provides guidance to principals/supervisors on certified and non-certified staffing allocations.
  3. Supports all departments with job duties related to compensation and payroll procedures.
  4. Creates employee pay codes, deduction/benefit codes, and imports employee salaries into system databases.
  5. Creates and processes all monthly and end of the year pension reports
  6. Guides principals and supervisors in expedient resolution of complaints and/or grievances, appropriate corrective actions, and the interpretation of Board of Education policies.
  7. Works closely with collective bargaining representatives to insure adherence to contract provisions and Board of Education policies.
  8. Coordinates all transactions for potential, current, and retired employees.
  9. Maintains all employee personnel records to meet compliance standards and employment verification assurances consistent with disaster recovery guidelines.
  10. Enhances employee morale and productivity so that there is a focus on employees’ connections to improved student achievement and academic learning culture.
  11. Analyzes all employee services for efficiency, effectiveness, and employee satisfaction.
  12. Creates annual contract calendars and pay schedules.
  13. Conducts benefits orientation sessions for new employees.
  14. Maintains absence management records including sick leave bank approvals.
  15. Implements employee retention strategies to limit employee turnover
  16. Analyzes practices and procedures to contain temporary and substitute employee costs.
  17. Calculates salary projections for employee groups and administrative purposes.
  18. Promotes employee diversity, health and safety standards, job expectations, and quality performance standards with all employee groups.
  19. Maintains positive labor-management relationships that contribute to an environment of trust and respect for all employees.



  1. Knowledge of Skyward employee management modules.
  2. Knowledge of collective bargaining contracts, Board of Education policies, Illinois School Code and Labor Laws.
  3. Competencies in Office Microsoft Office Tools and Web 2.0 technologies.
  4. Must pass a 45 wpm typing test.



  1. Experience with Skyward employee management modules.
  2. Experience with weekly payroll procedures and payroll reports
  3. Experience with IMRF and TRS pension forms and reports




  1. Previous experience in labor and employee relations preferred.
  2. Previous experience in student learning environments preferred.


based on union contract

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