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Knowledge of the characteristics of student’s learning process, curriculum and instruction, classroom management skills. As well as be familiar with the New Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Must be willing to fulfill the Duties and Responsibilities as follows: 1. Prepares a time schedule for all classes and activities conducted under the teacher’s supervision. 2. Prepares and leaves in the classroom lesson plans for several days work for normal instruction and for a substitute in the event the teacher is absent. 3. Directs the learning experiences of students through appropriate instructional planning, preparation and teaching. 4. Cooperates with other teachers in directing the learning experiences of students through implementation of planned instruction. 5. Determines student progress through implementation of appropriate evaluation methods and instruments. 6. Maintains accurate records of student academic progress and student attendance. 7. Provides supervision and enforces classroom and building management plans as incorporated in the District’s Code of Conduct. 8. Insures the care and proper usage of school property and prepares an annual inventory as required to complete the general and instructional requisition. 9. Participates in the planning textbook selection and evaluation of the instructional program. 10. Participates in the continuing in-service program of the district. 11. Conducts parent conferences regarding student progress. 12. Assumes reasonable duties as directed by the Building Principal, Director of Curriculum/Assessment & Instruction and Superintendent.


Applicant must have a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education or Secondary Education with a valid Illinois Teaching License and Middle School Science Endorsement. In addition, a Biological Science Endorsement is preferred. Applicant must meet the qualifications and requirements as specified in Title 23, The Illinois Administrative Code.


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