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POSITION SUMMARY: Primary responsibilities include implementing a research-based curriculum and coordinated coaching strategies; ensuring the review and analysis of education, disabilities, and mental health data to inform planning; and supporting the referral and inclusion of children with suspected and diagnosed disabilities. Assists in the implementation of both the education and disabilities components. Provides supervisory practices to assigned group of PFA staff, in addition supports coaching practice implementations within assigned Preschool for All/Head Start and Prevention Initiative/Early Head Start classrooms. This dual role position requires supervisory, mentoring and/or coaching experience. MAJOR FUNCTIONS/ACCOUNTABILITIES: • Build and maintain relationships between PEL Teacher, Easterseals staff and partner site staff members. • Provide support and oversight in the implementation of Preschool for All, Head Start, Prevention Initiative, and Early Head Start classrooms within assigned sites of Easterseals Head Start/Early Head Start programs in an assigned geographic area. • Facilitate discussions and reflective practices to support relationship building between Instructional Coach, PEL Teachers and partner site members. • Provide training and support for PEL teachers within the classrooms. • Conduct monthly reflection meetings with assigned group of PEL Teachers. • Work with the PEL Teachers, other Easterseals staff, partner site directors and staff, and the community to ensure consistent, high quality education and disabilities services at all assigned programs. • Work with Easterseals staff, site directors and staff, and the community to ensure that programs recruit and enroll Head Start/Early Head Start and Preschool for All/Prevention Initiative children, including children with disabilities, to meet their funded enrollment numbers and to keep an active waiting list. • Collaborate with the Leadership team to develop service/management plans and implement systems to ensure consistent, high-quality child-development services at all Head Start and Early Head Start programs in accordance with all Head Start Performance Standards. • Assist assigned program sites and teaching staff to ensure child assessments, home visits and parent/teacher conferences and other requirements are completed within designated time frames. • Work with program sites and teaching staff to assure that all enrolled children receive developmental screening within 45 days of enrollment. Work with all content areas to ensure that results are shared with parents and re-screening, referrals, and follow-ups conducted as needed. • Work with program sites and teaching staff to assure all education and disabilities information data is complete in the COPA system and in Teaching Strategies Gold. • Work with program sites and teaching staff on creating and maintaining up-to-date child portfolios, anecdotal child observations and education folders. • Assist Education/Inclusion Coordinator with monitoring assigned classrooms to assure that classrooms are safe, nurturing and engaging learning environments for children. • Participate in regular meetings to assess progress and planning for education and disabilities content areas. • Work with coordinators and program sites to create partnerships with local education organizations and set up Community Partnership Agreements and Linkage Agreements with community schools, education services, and disabilities services. • Assist directors and teaching staff with compliance to and implementation of performance standards and other requirements from funders. Assist teachers in modifying curriculum and individualizing lesson plans for children with disabilities based on IEP goals. • Attend IEP conferences, and School District meetings with parents of children with disabilities to support the families and to advocate for the children. Assist parents in understanding their rights and special education law. • Work with assigned staff and sites to implement an annual and ongoing outreach and recruitment plan for identifying and enrolling children with disabilities. Attend play dates for children with special needs at sites and collaboratively work with parents and staff to plan transitions into and out of the program. • Attend workshops and trainings related to Education and Disabilities. Share information from workshops and trainings with parents, teaching staff, and other team members. • Assist Education and Inclusion Coordinators to provide ongoing training related to Education and Disabilities for all programs and sites’ teaching staff as needed. • Support children with social emotional concerns through implementation of the Pyramid Model. • Participate and contribute to service planning meetings. • Submit weekly itineraries signed, per site visit, by center Directors or Easterseals contacts. • Submit weekly reports on Education and Disabilities to coordinators. • Attend and participate in regular team meetings • Participate in Enrollment/Recruitment Campaign, and annual self-assessment and PIR. • Assist with inputting additional data into COPA system as needed and perform all other duties as assigned. Human Resources: • Implement reflective and relationship-based practices. • Provide ongoing technical support to the PEL Teachers, including their performance evaluations and professional development plans. • Conduct trainings for Coaches and site staff. • Participate in the development of annual professional development conferences. • All other duties as assigned.


Education/Certification: • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Early Childhood Education • PEL with early childhood education endorsement Or • Gateways ECE level 5 credential within 12 months of hire and • Certified CLASS Pre-K and Toddler Observer within 12 months of hire, including annual renewal. Experience Required: • 5 years teaching in an early childhood classroom • 3 years working with children with disabilities • 3 years of experience working in a Head Start program • 2 years of administrative, supervisory experience • 3 years minimum coaching experience • Bilingual language skills (English & Spanish) a plus • Working with Teaching Strategies Gold and COPA online systems a plus Required Knowledge: • Knowledge of Head Start program operations • Knowledge of CLASS • Knowledge of Teaching Strategies, Creative Curriculum, ITERS/ECERS • Knowledge of Pyramid Model a plus Vehicle/Transportation Requirements: • Valid driver’s license • Auto insurance, safe vehicle • Reliable vehicle • Travel to Easterseals and partner sites regularly Skills/Abilities: • Ability to multi-task in a high stress environment. • Ability to interact with diverse personalities. • Ability to problem solve. • Basic computer knowledge including Microsoft Office programs. • Ability to complete of a minimum of 15 hours of continuing education per year. • Ability to work flexible hours to accommodate the needs of the families.

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