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Director of Curriculum & Instruction Essential Performance Responsibilities: 

  • Demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of research, Common Core State Standards, comprehensive assessment systems, and practice in curriculum, instruction, and technology integration to promote performance-based mastery practices leading to standards-based reporting. 
  • Demonstrates and models strategies and methods of instruction for improvement of student learning and professional growth of teachers. 
  • Collaborates with technology and library media staff to provide instructional support to incorporate technology in the teaching-learning process. 
  • Demonstrates the ability to develop a three-year plan to address the curriculum and assessment needs of the district. 
  • Directs the development, assessment, and revision of curriculum guides and provides insights concerning student skill progression. 
  • Guides and collaborates with the staff in the selection of instructional materials and resources, organizational pattern and use, including a process for systematic replacement and updating. 
  • Works with principals, instructional specialists, and DLT committee in organizing grade level and departmental meetings to affect horizontal and vertical continuity and articulation of the instructional program throughout the district, meeting at a minimum, on a monthly basis. 
  • Researches and prepares grants that address curricular areas. 
  • Demonstrates knowledge about and effective with teacher professional growth and performance evaluation systems. 
  • Guides development, implementation, and evaluation of mentoring, pre-service, and in-service programs for professional personnel. 
  • Demonstrates knowledge of STAR student assessment.  
  • Demonstrates ability to develop and implement curriculum for summer school enrichment and interventions programs. 
  • Monitors programs to address the needs of English Language Learners. 
  • Monitors the reading and math intervention programs, with the assistance of the instructional specialists. 
  • Leads the MTSS process including academic and behavioral supports. 
  • Performs other related tasks as assigned by the Superintendent. 
  • Coordinates and oversees EL students. 
  • Oversees and coordinates state assessments.
  • Performs other related tasks as assigned by the Superintendent.

Note: The above description is illustrative of tasks and responsibilities. It is not meant to be all inclusive of every task or responsibility. Work Schedule Standard administrator 12 month work schedule as set forth in the Administrative contract.


Ability to meet IL certification requirements including an Administrative Supervisory certificate. Completion of Teacher Evaluator modules 1-5 Demonstrates ability to exercise the responsibilities assigned to this position. Effective manager of people with proven ability to build the capacity of others and develop leaders. Demonstrates use of internal and external data to guide, define, and make informed decisions to evaluate curricular, assessment, and teaching practices. Demonstrates ability to apply conceptual, human, and technical skills to a position of this type. Demonstrates ability to understand the implications of social, political, educational, and economic changes and their significance to the District. Experience working in an Elementary District.


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Additional Notes

Advanced degree in education, including a General Administrative License, with broad base of educational experiences.

How to Apply

Apply online at the district website. http://www.manhattan114.org/index.php/district-114/employment/

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