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1. Develop and implement written guidelines concerning the district health program. 2. Maintain cumulative health records up-to-date and request physician and dental examination records in accordance with the district and state requirements. 3. Maintain a current record of the students with special medical problems and notify the appropriate staff of these students' special needs. 4. Report and monitor communicable diseases in accordance to District policy. 5. Administer medication in accordance with state laws and board policy to students and monitor its effect on students, set procedures for emergency administration of medication. 6. Participate as a required member of each building's diagnostic and multidisciplinary team. 7. Provide vision, hearing, and other health screenings as required by the district and the state, and referrals and follow up to student identified in this process. 9. Consult with parents, school personnel, physicians, clinics, and other agencies on school health matters. 10. Other duties as assigned.


1. Bachelor's degree 2. Licensed as a Registered Nurse in Illinois 3. Valid Professional Education License with School Nurse  OR Willing to obtain school nurse certification

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