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Duties: 1. Demonstrates appropriate academic planning 2. Is objective and consistent in student assessment 3. Implements district curriculum 4. Sets objectives which are clear and student centered 5. Creates lessons which follow a logical and orderly sequence 6. Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of subject area(s) 7. Motivates students 8. Provides clear and concise directions 9. Maximizes student learning and involvement 10. Uses a variety of teaching methods to meet the needs of each student 11. Maintains and encourages appropriate student behavior 12. Establishes clear expectations for the students 13. Deals fairly and consistently with student behavior problems 14. Provides positive reinforcement 15. Exhibits a positive and professional attitude 16. Exercises general supervision over all students during school hours and at all school sponsored events 17. Establishes and maintains an environment which is safe, orderly and is conducive to learning 18. Cooperates with and is responsible to the principal 19. Follows and implements district procedures and policies 20. Participates in professional activities and organizations 21. Actively seeks professional growth 22. Plans for and utilizes support staff when applicable 23. Demonstrates professional interactions with students and colleagues 24. Accepts evaluation and redirection in a professional manner. 25. Is consistent in attendance 26. Is punctual with reports, records and communications 27. Cooperates with and is responsible to the principal


Qualifications: 1. Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university. 2. Must possess a valid Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL) with a middle school ELA endorsement.


Per the Collective Bargaining Agreement

How to Apply

Interested candidates should complete the on-line application @ www.hillside93.org

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