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As a Job Bank Subscription Administrator, you will have all the rights and abilities of a basic user allowing you to post jobs, find candidates and create and manage online applications. You will also have the added authority to add and manage users of Job Posting Accounts.

Subscription Administration Accounts

To ensure security and control over Job Bank data, one Subscription Administration Account is assigned per Job Bank Subscription. Subscription Administrators may be:

  • school district superintendents,
  • private school administrators or
  • school service business members

Subscription Administrators have the authority and rights to approve and manage multiple users for Job Posting Accounts.

Subscription ID and PIN
The Subscription ID and PIN are utilized by the Job Bank in order to provide a secure environment for Job Bank data. Subscription ID and PINs are unique to each school district, private school or school service business member subscription and are only provided to the Job Bank Subscription Administrator, such as the school district superintendent, private school administrator or school service business member.

Forgotten Subscription ID and PIN
If you have forgotten or misplaced the Subscription ID and PIN associated with your Job Bank Subscription and Administration Account, please request a Subscription ID and PIN Reminder.

Subscription Administration Account Set Up
Once you receive your Subscription ID and PIN, you will be required to set up your Subscription Administration Account. Your account will provide you with the authority and rights to approve and manage multiple users as well as user permissions. Approved users have access to the Job Bank through Job Posting Accounts.

Subscription Administration Account Sign In
Sign In to your Subscription Administration Account by going to the Job Bank Employer Home Page and complete the Account Sign In with the Email Address and Password associated with your Subscription Administration Account.

Manage Job Bank Users

Maintain profiles and privileges for multiple users of Job Posting Accounts. Subscription Administrators have the ability to add new users, update user profiles and privileges, execute user searches, create and change user passwords, determine user status and access rights.

As the Administrator of the account, you have complete control over user permissions and may remove users at any time. Once the user permissions have been set, you will need to provide the login & password information to each user.

Search and View Job Bank Users
View a list of existing Job Bank Users on the Manage Job Bank Users page.

Narrow your search by using the User Search function to filter the Job Bank Users list. Search by first name, last name or email address.

Add New Users
Set up Job Posting Accounts to allow users to gain access to the Job Bank, post jobs and search for candidates for your school or firm. To set up additional Job Bank Users to post positions and search for candidates for your school/firm, log into your account and select Profiles & Users and select Manage Job Bank Users. Select Add New User. Complete the fields listed on the form, including the User Account and Profile information.

Edit Job Bank Users
Update User profiles, change email addresses, determine access rights and user status. Simply select the edit link associated with the Job Bank User in the list below.

User Account Information
Once user account information has been completed, please provide the unique password to the Job Bank User for sign-in purposes. Do not share with others, as this information is unique to the specific user.

User Passwords Must be at least 8 characters including numbers and letters.

User Access: (Poster) Allows user to create, view and update postings.

User Access: (Subscriber Administrator) Allows user with full subscription administrative rights and access to all Job Poster Account information. Note: To maintain security and privacy of Subscription and Accounts, only allow SubscriberAdmin rights when absolutely necessary to provide authorization to another member.

User Status: (Active) Default setting to allow users access to Job Bank.

User Status: (Inactive) Setting disables the user’s sign-in ability and access to the account.

RSS Feed
Did you know the Illinois Education Job Bank is set up for RSS options for your job postings to automatically be posted to your school district/firm website once they are posted on the Job Bank? To incorporate this new option into your district/firm website, you only need to ask your technology staff to write code to read the RSS feed and display it on your site. Once the code is set up you are ready to view the postings from your own website in addition to displaying them on the Illinois Education Job Bank.

Please note you will need your unique Subscriber ID to set up the feed. Contact the Job Bank at 217.753.2213 or jobbank@iasaedu.org to access your unique Subscriber ID.

Link to display: http://www.illinoiseducationjobbank.org/rss.aspx?mid=[include id here]

For general RSS information, go to http://www.rss-specifications.com/

We are pleased to provide this valuable service to you as part of your annual subscription fee.

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